Bible Study Snaps | Two Ways to Live

Tonight we had the pleasure of listening to a speech by Pastor D. Poppe on prayer!
Prayer is going to be an ongoing theme throughout the year so it was a great way to finish up our Two Ways to Live course.


Leadership Speech by Pastor Poppe


A couple weeks ago, we as SRYA enjoyed a brilliant speech by our Pastor Dirk Poppe on the topic of “Leadership.” We have been spending the past few weeks studying the book of Nehemiah and the theme of leadership comes back time and time again.

Reverend Poppe told us what the keys to becoming a great leader were; The most important being that you don’t have to be in a position of power to be an effective leader. Take the initiative in your workplace, your family, in university or Bible study club. If you are given tasks to carry out, it is simple: Do them to the best of your ability.

Two Ways to Live | Panel Discussion

Hi everyone!
Tonight we will be rounding off our Two Ways To Live course with a panel discussion with five guest speakers! Our final discussion will be shorter than usual to make up for this.
If you have any questions about tonight please feel free to send an email to or flick us a message
We hope to see you all there!